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Everyday I Love You Less & Less

....this is the modern way.

24 March
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Who Am I?
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♥ I am Helly. 14. Loud. Is a bit wacko to say the least. Is very prone to falling over.♥'s Music. ♥'s Her Friends. ♥'s her net friends too , very muchly so.
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Date Created:2004-08-26
Number of Posts: 601

I am Helly.14.I am/can be quite loud, usually. I am an utter twonk. This usually means I do the daftest things; which is very true. I’m a confused soul. I don’t know who I am, really. Nor do I know my true purpose on this planet yet. I would like to be bring laughter to the world and smiles on peoples faces; but sometimes I don’t know if they're laughing at me and my daft errors in life & my stupidity, or my sharp wit. I am rather a complex person and can be quite difficult to understand, I don’t know why though. I have an optimistic look on life; I'm not keen on negativity and will only accept constructive criticism. I can be very cynical. I HAVE LITTLE TRUST FOR ANYONE. I have my opinions, but I am usually very diplomatic. There are times when I can be incredibly anti-social; but that’s a rare occurrence. I'm not afraid of dying , because I believe everything happens for a reason , even if it is unbeknown to us. This is one of the many mysteries of life. Music is a very important of my life , it has a big impact on me. As does art and poetry. I seem to enjoy listen to Old Music , as well as new stuff. I don’t know why. I am Usually O p e n M i n d e d , when it comes to music.
Strengths: Lively Nature. Large Mouth. Outspoken Attitude. Stronge Willed.
Weaknesses: Large Mouth. Bluntness. Has a Short temper. Sings on Bus Journeys.
Special Skills: Moose Filled Skills. Large Mouth Big enough to fit an ice cream stick in. Wide Gerneal Knowledge.
Weapons: Freaky Fingers. Foghorn Mouth.
Motto.: " Face the fact, I'm not going to change. Not for you. Not for Anyone"

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